Thursday, January 5, 2012

DIY Play Kitchen from Old Entertainment Center

Well this is gonna be a different post for us.  I'm going to talk about someone else's DIY project.  It really is simply amazing! A friend of mine wanted her daughter to have a play kitchen.  But as some may know play kitchens really are not that cheap!  So my friend pulled all her crafty-ness together and made her own.

She started with a entertainment center she found on craigslist.....wait for it, wait for it......$15! Yes, I said $15! A. MAZE. ING.


Then she gutted it out, cut out some holes........

Then got to work, so her daughter would have a play kitchen by Christmas!

The blue wall are contact paper, backsplash is craft paper mod podged on. You see what appears to be a glass top stove, is actually plexy glass spray painted black with paint side glued down. And black CD's used for the burners.  Painted cabinet doors with some hardware. A mixing bowl for the sink and some super sweet hand sewn curtains....not to mention all the little extra finishing touches! Ok, you can't tell this from the picture but the counter top is sprayed with wall texture and painted white! Genius!  
Anyway, don't you just love this! Super sweet and fun! I'm her little girl will have many happy years playing with this one of a kind gem!  Thanks Patricia for sharing all your hard work with us!
**** Candie *****


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