Monday, October 31, 2011

Homemade Cupcake Stand

Ok, sorry people we have been kinda MIA for awhile.  I myself have been slow on the projects, and Lindsay and Renee have been pretty busy in their "normal" day to day lives.  Anyway, I got a couple things done, and more stuff in the youngest sons room....

Anywho, my husbands mom and dad celebrated there birthday over this last weekend and I knew there was gonna be a ton of peeps.  Not real excited about the cupcake holders in the store and pretty much all of them don't fit 4 dozen cupcakes!  So I made my appologies, I didn't take pictures "of in the process" of my work.  So with some scrap wood that I had and my always on hand gloss white and black paint I made this fantastic cupcake stand! All for a whopping $3.00! Only had to purchase the ribbon and the the way for those that have never stenciled (that would be me) pick up the dab brush in the stencil isle......I used a sponge and I'm pretty sure my stencil work could have come out better.  I'll be posting pictures of the cupcakes on the stand in a few days.  ****Candie****

Monday, October 24, 2011

Guest Posting at Crayon Freckles

Oooooooo we are so excited to be guest posting over at Crayon Freckles! Please go over and check out Andie's blog! It's super uber awesome!

Thanks for checking us out!!!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Almost to 100......

Come on blogland, we are almost there! We need to get 100 follows and we will be having a fantastic giveaway! And will be having another giveaway right after that from a new sponsor we have lined up! But only when we reach 100!!!!!  Let get to following!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Curb Side Find

OMG.....I was driving down my road and lo' and behold I saw this sitting on the curb, with a sign taped to it that said FREE! Holy Moses! Free, must be my lucky day!

Anywho, I knocked on the door and told that wonderful person that I would take this beast off their hands. She was very thankful! So being solid oak, it was pretty dang heavy. And this beast is in near perfect condition! SCORE! It's that typical honey oak stain, insert a gag sound....... but I figured with a little sanding and some love it would be beautiful!

So my blog land friends I am asking for input on this one! Please any ideas on what kind of transformation I should do is most welcome!  ****Candie****

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sew Simple Clutches......As Seen On Martha Stewart

Ok, sorry guys it's been awhile since we have posted......but life happened!  Geez, I hate it when that happens.  Anyway, I 've been super busy trying to get my garage reorganized, pictures later, so I can empty out my storage unit.  But in the little time that I did have I made some sweet little clutch bags for this bazaar  I mentioned here, and received this great email from my great friend Melissa on how to make them here.  I don't do tutorials very well so your gonna want to check out the website.  Anyway, without further ado, here are a handful of the clutches I made! Aren't they super cute! I love them!

On 2 of them I used heavy decor fabric and on the other 2 I wanted to try regular ol' quilting fabric to see how they would hold up.  Well they held up really well!

Sorry this picture didn't come out very well, trying to get a clear picture of the insides of the clutches to show off the fabric.  Anyway, hope you enjoy!  ****Candie****


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