Monday, October 31, 2011

Homemade Cupcake Stand

Ok, sorry people we have been kinda MIA for awhile.  I myself have been slow on the projects, and Lindsay and Renee have been pretty busy in their "normal" day to day lives.  Anyway, I got a couple things done, and more stuff in the youngest sons room....

Anywho, my husbands mom and dad celebrated there birthday over this last weekend and I knew there was gonna be a ton of peeps.  Not real excited about the cupcake holders in the store and pretty much all of them don't fit 4 dozen cupcakes!  So I made my appologies, I didn't take pictures "of in the process" of my work.  So with some scrap wood that I had and my always on hand gloss white and black paint I made this fantastic cupcake stand! All for a whopping $3.00! Only had to purchase the ribbon and the the way for those that have never stenciled (that would be me) pick up the dab brush in the stencil isle......I used a sponge and I'm pretty sure my stencil work could have come out better.  I'll be posting pictures of the cupcakes on the stand in a few days.  ****Candie****


  1. Way to go!! Very creative and super cost effective. :)

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  3. Love this cupcake stand - so cute!

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    come by and visit, we're sure you'll find something delicious!

  4. Really cute!!

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  5. Oh...Look at this beauty!! Super awesome and very creative.

  6. Great idea. The stencils look awesome. Love how you put the top layer at an angle to allow access to the bottom.

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  7. That's really cute. Thanks for the stencil tip. I've never really done that either.:)



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