Friday, November 19, 2010

Picture frame sayings.....

I popped these out in a matter of hours last night!  Super easy and fast!
Materials needed:
8x10 frame, 2" lettering, scrapbook paper and paint (for the letters) and some glitter if you choose.
and..............Voila!! you have these fantastic decorations for any occasion!

These are for sale on

~~~ Candie ~~~

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Recently I recruited my Husband into making me a bench for the front porch. I drew out what I wanted and he worked his magic and brought it to life. I painted it black and cut out a stencil shape with my cricut. (Stretch your imagination cartridge) I painted the stencil and cut out our names in Vinyl. (On the cricut as well) Isn't it cute? It turned out great!
These are available for sale. I will customize these as well. Just leave me a comment.

Ribbon Boards

These were super simple to make. I had some left over canvas' that I wasn't going to use so I bought some fabric and made these. All you need is a staple gun, buttons, ribbon, fabric, and batting. Both are available for sale on


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dining Room makeover

Ok, so we moved to our new house about 6 months ago and while it's a fabulous house, I of course have to go room to room and personalize it!  So I began with my dining room, well I made it a dining room, I think it's supposed to be a formal living room, but with a family room and a bonus room, who needs 3 living rooms?!?!?  Anyway, I don't have a before picture because I spaced it, picture a completely white room and I do mean white, no color what so ever!  Now that you have that vision here is the finished product!

I know it's nothing fancy, but I did do all the work myself!  Please excuse the banquet tables for my dining room table.  Have yet to purchase that and a chandelier.  So I painted my walls a sand color and the bottom half is painted plum.  I cut and put up the chair rail and faux picture frame detailing myself.  Painted all the detail trim work a gloss white.  Today I finished my window treatments, which took forever to find the right colors, but thought they turned out fantastic!  However, I'm not digging the blinds so I will be replacing those with something a little less ugly.   Now on to the next room.....finish painting one of my son's bedrooms!  To be continued.........

Monday, November 15, 2010

Dressing up a lamp shade.....

So you want to take a boring old lamp shade and spice it up a bit!  Well here's how:
lamp shade, ribbon of your choice and some hand sewn rosettes........and you have a new
spiced up lamp shade that's sure to turn heads when your friends enter the room!

~~ Renee~~


This Chalkboard is really easy to make and super inexpensive. I found an old cupboard door for $1 at our local Habitat for Humanity Restore and already had the spray paint color and chalkboard paint. This whole project probably only cost me $3. SO this is how I did it:

This is the $1 cupboard I found. (Please excuse the Bum. My little man would not get out of the way.) Anyways, this board had an entire white plastic cover casing it, so I just tore it off and it was all wood underneath.
I then taped and spray painted it the color I wanted. (Valspar Almond). When that was dry I sanded the edges and distressed it to look antiquish. I then taped the outside and sprayed on the Chalkboard paint.
This is the finished product! I added a bow for the Holidays, but will probably add some vinyl character to it from my cricut. I haven't decided yet. Super easy and inexpensive.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Candy Cane Vase

I found this Vase at TJ Maxx for $5.99 and decided I was going to put christmas balls in it. I found these at Target for $1.00 a piece and ended up only using 9 of them. This easy to make and pretty cheap for under $15.00.


Here is my version on Candie's last post. The only thing I did differently was I mod podged my letters and then sprinkled glitter over them. If I was to do it again I would have painted my letters to match the glitter color first. It is a little hard to cover all the space with glitter.
If you are interested in purchase please visit us at


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Halloween project

I thought this was a super cute idea and super inexpensive as well.
Only took me a few hours to make.  Supplies needed:
Picture frames, scrapbooking paper, wood letters, paint of your choice, spray glitter (if you want)
Paint your frames and letters, then spray glitter your letters (if you want), cut out the size of scrapbooking paper (this is 5x7), place it in the picture frame. Hot glue gun your letters to your frame and..........

you have yourself a fantastic Halloween decoration!  Stay tuned for more......
If you are interested in purchase please visit us at

****** Candie ******

Remodel Complete!

After three non stop days of demo, tile, and paint the bathroom is finally done! My Husband did an amazing job. I love my new bathroom and all for under $250.00.

I love the diamond pattern. You'd never know it was .69 cent tile from Lowes.


Friday, November 12, 2010

Bathroom Remodel

I've wanted to remodel our small downstairs bathroom for awhile now, but I didn't have any vision for it. About a week ago it came to me and I talked my wonderful husband into taking a day off work so we could totally gut it and rebuild it. Here are a few before and during pictures. I will post when it is done.

Not a very good picture, but this was after I painted it Woodlawn Colonial Gray (Valspar). The yellow was awful.

This is my husband and his two little helpers puting in the backer board to tile. I will post the rest when done.



This is our first official blog. We are 3 friends who like to craft and create. We thought we would share our finds and creations with the blog world. I hope you enjoy our blog and visit often.

Lindsay, Renee, and Candie


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