Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Media Shelves

So if you any of you have little ones.....well then we know that our little ones can't seem to keep there fingers off the media center. ie......Direct tv box, PS3......etc......

Here's a before, and of course I removed all but the Direct tv box.......see just at eye level for little fingers!

Please excuse the white walls, I have yet to paint my bonus room
I decided to make some shelves from some scrap wood that my dad gave me.  I needed badly to rip some 1 1/2 inch facing strips.....well I don't have a table saw......think, think....what can I do!! (insert light bulb) I will just use my circular saw.  Well it worked, my edges were a little rough, but nothing a little sand paper couldn't fix.

Next came the design.  Since eventually my wall are going to be Behr French Silver, and I'm going to be doing black, silver and some pop of color, I decided to paint the shelves black with silver lines thru it.

Primer coat, tape out my lines for the silver.

I started the painting process, removed the tape to insert the metallic silver.  And stop, dead in my tracks!  What was I thinking, duh....I should of started with the silver first! Oh well, lesson learned!

So after all the painting, about 3 coats of each paint, they were finally ready to hang.

Aren't they a beauty!

Sorry about the bare left side of the top shelf.  My Direct tv box is supposed to be there.  Cable cord was too short.  And eventually I will drill a hole thru the shelves to insert all the cable and wire running down.  Just needed to get them out of eye level for now.

Total cost of project:
Wood - Free
Paint - $1.29 Silver, already had black and primer
Metal brackets holding shelves - $15.00 for all 4 (hobby lobby 1/2 off!!!)

Let me know what you think! ******Candie*****

Monday, April 18, 2011

Step 1

About two years ago my husband and I purchased almost 6acres of land to eventually one day build a home on it. We want our children to have those life experiences of growing up on a piece of land riding 4 wheelers, raising chickens and just having some room to run. Our property is on a hill and has an incredible view of the columbia river. It is basically a giant flat rectangle. Check out the view:

So, it is basically a raw piece of land. No water, power, nothing. We need to complete a few steps before we can start to build.  On Saturday we completed step 1. A road. There was already a small primitive road that ran down the length of our property, but it was really rough and beat up. The road is shared between 4 pieces of property and it just needed to be able to accommodate everybody and the big rigs to get in and out thru the building process and it needed to pass code for the firetrucks to be able to turn around. Here is the piece of equipment my brother-in-law used to make the road. My son thought it was great to ride in. It  was hard to get him out:

Here is the front of the property from the already existing road before:

Here is after:

Looks like the size of a freeway!! So much nicer to drive on now. I think we should be graveling it soon. I'll keep you posted through out the whole process.  Step 1 done only 3 million to go.


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Master Bath Rustoleum Cabinet Transformation

So I tried out the Rustoleum Cabinet Transformation kit in Espresso, and I love it!! It was very time consuming but there was no sanding whatsoever!! You apply the liquid de-glosser, color, glaze & top/finish coat, couldn't ask for anything easier...the hardest part is waiting the alotted dry time, haha!! Take a look for yourself, what do you think? Still undecided about hardwarde, any thoughts?

Unfortunately the lighting wasn't the greatest, ugh!!sorry about the glare. I can't get a straight on shot because there isn't enough room between the cabinets and the wall behind, such is life.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

4 Months old

Miss Demri is 4 months!!  She's smiling, laughing & starting to eat cereal!!  We had an appt yesterday to get pictures taken, unfortunately she really wasn't feeling it, so she pitched a royal fit and we got to reschedule them for Sat. morning...we then went to the Dr.'s office where she got 4 shots, talk about traumatic for all of us, poor baby!! The good new is she wasn't too fussy last night (thank-you Tylenol)....she went down at 8p.m. and slept all the way through (which she doesn't usually do) til 7:30a.m. YAHOO!!!!!!  Now if we could get her mother & father to get along, I would be one happy camper....I won't hold my breath quite yet though....hell will freeze over before that happens, lol!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Easy Herb Garden

I found some cute pots in the dollar section at Target and bought a bunch. I knew I could find many different ways to use these. So my first way was to plant my herbs in the them. Last year I had a tiny baby when it was time to plant the garden, so it was left up to my husband and eldest. I swear my husband let my son open the packets and spin because I had plants everywhere! I thought this year I would be a little more organized. I will post a picture of my fully planted garden next week. I decided to plant the herbs inside this year. It is so much easier to have easy access to them when I need them in the kitchen. Here is what I did.  I first taped a rectangle in approx. the middle of the pot with painters tape.

Then I applied a few coats of chalkboard paint.

I then, of course, planted my herbs. Cilantro, chives and parsley. These are the three that I use the most.
I just saw this morning that I already have gowth!!!


Signs of Spring.....

So I just wanted to share these little beauties from my front yard!  Signs of spring starting to appear all over the neighborhood.  Now if it would just warm up, I could actually go out and work in my yard.
I have early spring and mid spring.  I've got some purple, pink and reds getting ready to open!

Enjoy! ****Candie*****

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Extra Large Scrabble Pieces

When I first saw this here I was like, holy crap smokes that is so stinkin' cute!  We love to play scrabble. So I decided to try it myself, but with my family's names of course!  Thanks so much for the cute idea Cassity from Remodelaholic!

I used stripped fir wood, that was 1/2" think. Cut them in to 5" squares, used the handy cricut to cut out my vinyl letters. I put a coat of mod podge over the top to give a little sheen. You'll agree that these are super cute.  Wood -  Free, Vinyl $7.99, Mod Podge already had = a really inexpensive project.

Hi everyone!  Just wanted to let you know that I've change up the recipe to this, and perfected my own.
I am now selling them in our etsy shop.  Check us out here at 3krazychics etsy

Friday, April 8, 2011

A Big Shout Out.....

Just want to say THANKS A BUNCH, to The Girl Creative for redesigning our blog! It looks wonderful!
Check her out, she's got lots a cool stuff!


The Girl Creative

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Upside-Down Berry Cake

Tried a new recipe from Taste of Home a week or so ago and thought I would share w/ ya'll!! You can find it here http://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/Upside-Down-Berry-Cake?keycode=ZFB...and it was yummy!! A big hit w/ the hub man.

Go enjoy some cake! : )


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