Thursday, April 14, 2011

4 Months old

Miss Demri is 4 months!!  She's smiling, laughing & starting to eat cereal!!  We had an appt yesterday to get pictures taken, unfortunately she really wasn't feeling it, so she pitched a royal fit and we got to reschedule them for Sat. morning...we then went to the Dr.'s office where she got 4 shots, talk about traumatic for all of us, poor baby!! The good new is she wasn't too fussy last night (thank-you Tylenol)....she went down at 8p.m. and slept all the way through (which she doesn't usually do) til 7:30a.m. YAHOO!!!!!!  Now if we could get her mother & father to get along, I would be one happy camper....I won't hold my breath quite yet though....hell will freeze over before that happens, lol!!

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