Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Easy Herb Garden

I found some cute pots in the dollar section at Target and bought a bunch. I knew I could find many different ways to use these. So my first way was to plant my herbs in the them. Last year I had a tiny baby when it was time to plant the garden, so it was left up to my husband and eldest. I swear my husband let my son open the packets and spin because I had plants everywhere! I thought this year I would be a little more organized. I will post a picture of my fully planted garden next week. I decided to plant the herbs inside this year. It is so much easier to have easy access to them when I need them in the kitchen. Here is what I did.  I first taped a rectangle in approx. the middle of the pot with painters tape.

Then I applied a few coats of chalkboard paint.

I then, of course, planted my herbs. Cilantro, chives and parsley. These are the three that I use the most.
I just saw this morning that I already have gowth!!!



  1. Love the buckets and the chalkboard markers!

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  2. cute, love chalkboard. those chalkboard markers are cool!

    new follower,

  3. How cute and easy is this!
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