Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine Treats


Hello.....I'm back...told ya I'd be back.  Anyway to celebrate Valentine's Day I thought I'd write this post in red......maybe throw some pink in the mix...who knows.

So what's your plans for today?  Mine....well my dear friend is watching 2 of my boys so my husband and I can go on a mini date.  We are going to see an early movie today before the other gets out of school.  That's about as romantic as is gets in our house.  I wanted to see The Vow, but instead I caved and we are going to see Safe House.  That's ok, cause it's got some eye candy in it......Ryan Reynolds....need I say more!

Anywho, back to the task at hand....VALENTINE'S DAY! Awwweeee......Musssshhhh...Kisssss Kisss.

My middle son is still in preschool so I thought I'd make him some V-Day treats. YUM!

I found the cutiest idea on how to keep your cupcakes from getting smashed here and found super cute V-Day tags here.  All of course I pinned on pinterest so you can follow me too and check them out!

Red Velvet Cake and Cream Cheese frosting

Ahhh Picture is much better!
Added some valentine sprinkles, sorry this picture is so dark
Was gonna use these bags but then realized the cup wouldn't fit.......think, think....what can I do....I made super cute tags how can I stick them on!

Paper hole punch the cup and add some ribbon and your tag....and voila!
I love it! Don't you! I had one left over and man it was tasty!  Hope all the little preschoolers enjoy!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

M. I. A.

Hello....we are still here.....I promise!  It's been super busy with "real life" that we have done absolutely nothing as far as crafting or DIY is concerned.

For me hockey is in full swing, and if I'm not at the rink for practice during the week, I'm there over the weekend for games or traveling out of town for them.  My list of projects is so loooooonnnngg! Paint and redecorate my youngest sons room.  Organize and add shelving to my pantries. Redo not 1 but 2 dining room tables. Find a sitting chair that needs love and redo it. Paint the stairwell and add a gallery wall. Redo the ugly oak shelving unit in my bonus room.  Paint the bonus room and add drapery maybe a craft station, computer table, and built-ins........OMG...I told you the list is so long!

Lindsay.....well she's selling her house so pretty much everything is packed and ready to be moved.  However, they are building their own home so I'm sure you will be seeing some posts from her this year on how the process is going.

Renee......well she is just busy with life in general.....I'm sure she has crafted something wonderful and is too shy to show us.  In fact, I could go thru her entire home and nearly half of her treasures she has crafted herself.....I could have a post nearly everyday for about 4 months with all her DIY crafts.

So please don't give up on us yet! I promise we will be back in the full swing of things shortly!

Thanks for being so loyal and keeping us near!



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