Monday, April 18, 2011

Step 1

About two years ago my husband and I purchased almost 6acres of land to eventually one day build a home on it. We want our children to have those life experiences of growing up on a piece of land riding 4 wheelers, raising chickens and just having some room to run. Our property is on a hill and has an incredible view of the columbia river. It is basically a giant flat rectangle. Check out the view:

So, it is basically a raw piece of land. No water, power, nothing. We need to complete a few steps before we can start to build.  On Saturday we completed step 1. A road. There was already a small primitive road that ran down the length of our property, but it was really rough and beat up. The road is shared between 4 pieces of property and it just needed to be able to accommodate everybody and the big rigs to get in and out thru the building process and it needed to pass code for the firetrucks to be able to turn around. Here is the piece of equipment my brother-in-law used to make the road. My son thought it was great to ride in. It  was hard to get him out:

Here is the front of the property from the already existing road before:

Here is after:

Looks like the size of a freeway!! So much nicer to drive on now. I think we should be graveling it soon. I'll keep you posted through out the whole process.  Step 1 done only 3 million to go.


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