Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dining Room makeover

Ok, so we moved to our new house about 6 months ago and while it's a fabulous house, I of course have to go room to room and personalize it!  So I began with my dining room, well I made it a dining room, I think it's supposed to be a formal living room, but with a family room and a bonus room, who needs 3 living rooms?!?!?  Anyway, I don't have a before picture because I spaced it out.......so, picture a completely white room and I do mean white, no color what so ever!  Now that you have that vision here is the finished product!

I know it's nothing fancy, but I did do all the work myself!  Please excuse the banquet tables for my dining room table.  Have yet to purchase that and a chandelier.  So I painted my walls a sand color and the bottom half is painted plum.  I cut and put up the chair rail and faux picture frame detailing myself.  Painted all the detail trim work a gloss white.  Today I finished my window treatments, which took forever to find the right colors, but thought they turned out fantastic!  However, I'm not digging the blinds so I will be replacing those with something a little less ugly.   Now on to the next room.....finish painting one of my son's bedrooms!  To be continued.........


  1. Plum and purple makes your dining room regal enough. Nice combination though.



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