Monday, August 8, 2011

The Lansing's Go To The Beach......2011

Just wanted to share some pictures from our Beach trip we took this year.  No, people pictures, just animal life, and some views!  We pretty much go to Lincoln City, Oregon every year.  We rent a beach house on the ocean and love every minute of it!  This year the weather was exceptionally wonderful!

Our view from our porch! Isn't it gorgeous! It pretty much looked like this everyday all week, except one day.  Couldn't ask for anything better!

View from our porch

Spent some time out on the beach, got a few sunset shots! If you haven't seen a Pacific Ocean sunset, you need to!  This is a sunset from last year, didn't get a good one from this year, but as you can see it's beautiful!

Last years sunset

about as good as it got this year, sunset

could resist, it was low tide and looks like something from a magazine

We went to the Aquarium in Newport. It was super fun and got some great shots of the sea life.

Poisonious tree frogs

Alaskan King Crab, can you say YUM!

Jelly Fish

Jelly Fish

I love my Nikon D60, these shots of the sea life are thru that super think glass that makes it so hard to take good pictures, cause your always getting some sort of reflection back!  Awwww, thank you camera!  All pictures were taken without flash, and the some of the sea life were taken on night shot.

We had a fabulous time, and can't wait for our next trip back to the beach! ****Candie****

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