Thursday, February 24, 2011

Old House Master Bathroom Before and After

Hello all!  This post is from my old house before we moved, and way before this blog was started.  So bare with me on the before pictures.
We decided we wanted to update our old bathroom to something a little!  The whole drop in sink with chrome and brass faucet was just not doing it for me anymore, after 5 yrs!  Wow, can't believe it took that long to get to it.  Anyway, when I finally told convinced the husband that this needed to be done, this sink was starting to gross me out....well.....need I say more...

Removed from the left side of the sink
Notice the hole on the left cabinet. Also my father the carpenter that he is built the new door and fake drawer fronts.  Old one used to look like the ugly long cabinet.

Another close up look at the hole with no cabinet, and the ugly drop-in sink

And now for the after:


So we had my dad build a new bank of drawers. My husband and I installed the granite tile and backsplash. Installed new sink and nickel finish faucet and new hardware.  Darn me for not getting a picture of the new light fixture.  It too is nickel finish, much better than the sassy brassy light fixture from before.  Anyway, I thought it turned out fabulous, had so much more counter space.  And guess what...we ended up putting our house on the market within the month of finishing it.  So needless to say I didn't get to enjoy it for long.    ******Candie******


  1. It turned out so fantastic! Your dad's carpentry skills are awesome. I may have to hire him sometime to do a project or two for me. :) KDC

  2. Great remodel! We're working our way through our house as well. We're really good at the demo, but not so much the put-back-together...we pay for that :) But it's always so fun to see the transformation!



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